About IRIC

Since 1929 the Illinois Regional Insulation Contractors Association (IRIC) has worked to provide high quality, consistent mechanical insulation installation, and more recently hazardous material removal, and firestopping in cooperation with Local 17 Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied workers well trained and professional workforce.

IRIC maintains a finger on the pulse of the mechanical insulation industry to disseminate the valuable information gleaned to its member contractors.  We believe that it is imperative to understand what is happening in the mechanical insulation industry.  IRIC’s goal is to be on the leading edge of mechanical insulation advancements in materials and installation techniques.  

The IRIC board of directors works closely with Local 17 on several committees including negotiating committee, joint apprentice committee, and health and welfare.  Working cooperatively with Local 17 has proven to further the mechanical insulation industry in the Illinois region, as well as set a symbiotic tone that positively effects the industry.